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Sinus Pressure
What are sinuses?
...Besides painful?

Where are my sinuses?

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Your sinuses are 4 pairs of hollow, air-filled spaces in your skull that connect to your nasal passageways. The sinuses are thinly lined with mucus membranes (mucosa), and keep the inside of your nose nice and moist.Normally your sinuses are empty except for a thin layer of mucus.

Swelling and mucus—a painful

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Sometimes a respiratory tract infection can affect your sinuses and cause the mucus membranes (mucosa) inside your sinus cavities and nasal passageways to become inflamed. Your sinuses start to produce more mucus that is extra sticky.

This extra mucus (along with swelling) blocks the passageways and causes buildup. Mucus can’t get out like it normally can. This blockage leads to sinus pressure and pain.

Can I blow my nose too much?

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Some people argue that blowing your nose when you’re stuffed up isn’t a good idea. Blowing too hard could push mucus further up into your sinuses and cause more trouble down the line.

Read on for more ways to get rid of your sinus pressure and nasal congestion.

Sinus pressure relief

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There are things you can do to help relieve your sinus pressure before you reach for any medicine.

Here are a few things you can try:

  • Use a humidifier or vaporizer
  • Take a long, hot shower
  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Use a warm compress on your face
  • Flush out your sinuses with salt water using saline sprays or a neti pot
  • Sleep with your head elevated

How Mucinex® products can help

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When trying to relieve sinus pressure and nasal congestion, look for a decongestant. A decongestant will shrink the mucus membranes that have swollen in your sinuses. This will help the trapped mucus drain out.

Some Mucinex® products contain the decongestant pseudoephedrine. Some Mucinex® liquids contain phenylephrine, and Mucinex® nasal sprays contain oxymetazoline.

Oxymetazoline is only found in nasal sprays. It’s what is known as a “topical decongestant.” That means it needs to be applied to the affected areas in the nose rather than taken as a pill or liquid.

Products containing pseudoephedrine can be found behind your pharmacist’s counter.

Use as directed.

Which Mucinex® product is right for me?

See below for products that will help your cough. Use as directed.

Also check out the Find My Mucinex tool. You can enter other symptoms you're suffering from and find the best Mucinex® match.


When Should I Call My Doctor?

  1. If you get nervous or dizzy or experience sleeplessness
  2. If your symptoms last more than 7 days or are accompanied by a fever
  3. If your symptoms do not improve with over-the-counter medication

Mucus does What?

Get out your notebooks for Mucus 101. Here you can learn about the important role mucus plays in your health.